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Ductless mini-splits are game-changing

MDM Heating and Cooling LLC in Ferndale installs ductless heating and cooling.

Limited space or no space for ductwork? No problem! Ductless heating and cooling systems, known as mini-splits, are great for heating and cooling spaces without the need for large ductwork. These systems can be installed anywhere, in any room, and on any wall. Ductless mini-splits are a great option for those who do not have the space for a traditional HVAC system or who prefer temperature control in individual rooms. Our HVAC contractor installs ductless heating and cooling in Ferndale, MI. We also serve the Metro Detroit areas of Detroit, Warren, Southfield, Madison Heights, Taylor, Royal Oaks, and Berkley.

Discover the benefits of ductless mini-splits

Ductless mini-splits, as their name might suggest, are typically space-saving and energy-efficient. When operating, these smooth-running units are convenient ways of heating or cooling a room! In fact, you will hardly notice them as they operate. Each of these units can be installed on its own, and each having its own thermostat allows you to individually increase or reduce the temperature of each room. This allows you to conserve energy, heat, or cool a space that you do not need at that particular moment. Many times, we see these used for sunrooms, garages, basements, and home additions, but they can also be used to heat and cool your entire home.

Mini split HVAC system on wall

The design of a mini-split

The mini-split system consists of a small outdoor condenser unit with one or more indoor evaporator units installed in virtually any room. No ductwork with this system. Only a thin refrigerant line connects each component through a small opening in the wall. The design allows for significant cost savings. You’re no longer losing heat and air through your ductwork and instead enjoying efficient heating and cooling in individual zones. Each indoor unit is controlled with a remote control or an app on your phone. You set the temperature you’re comfortable with and in very little time you’ll have the comfort you’re wanting.

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It might be surprising how affordable these units are and how quickly we can install them. For homeowners or business owners curious about how these alternative heating and cooling units operate and the costs for installation, our HVAC professional will be more than happy to help! With energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling, ductless mini-splits might be a good fit for you. Call us today at 248-761-0328 for a free estimate!

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